Amplify your Accomplishments

In the name of modesty, we sometimes hide our talents, creating missed opportunities for our organizations and for ourselves.

– Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO Feeding America

On the heels of International Women’s Day we are reflecting on what it means to be a woman in business. A couple of years ago we published a blog post based on the book Women of Influence by Jo Miller.  We are inspired by Jo Miller’s work on how women can be empowered and authentic leaders and build their leadership strategy. This book has so many gems.

This time around we’re delving into the chapter entitled Amplify Your Accomplishments. The subtitle of this chapter is “Don’t Be the Best-Kept Secret,” and it gives lots of food for thought.  Through her research and discussions with women Miller says that while visibility is an important factor in whether a woman advances in her career, many women struggle with getting visibility right.

As Miller says,”It’s been well documented that women tend to be reluctant to share their own accomplishments, while at the same time they’re eager to celebrate and promote someone else’s. This reluctance is not a personal failing as much as it is a rational response to cultural norms.”

 Many women are uncertain on how to market themselves, while some over-promote themselves. Finding that balance is important.

But all is not lost! Although it might not come easily to us, there are ways that we can effortlessly amplify our accomplishments in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Here are the three major ways she lists to amplify your achievements:

Rule 1: Go for Undiluted Greatness- This means when we have the opportunity to share our accomplishments, the best thing to do is to mention the highest-value achievements, those that best reflect your brand. This works better than listing ALL your accomplishments.

Rule 2: Stay Authentically on Brand: This means promoting the achievements that support, rather than diminish, your brand.

Rule 3: Cater to the Culture: This means looking at the ways the culture of your organization and sector highlight successes. When you do that you then evaluate on these approaches fit your style of self-promoting.

As women in business it’s time to self-advocate! Make your voice heard in a way that feels authentic and take control over your brand.