Breaking Gender Stereotypes Women Who Lead

Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Women Who Lead

September 10, 2019

Build Your Leadership Voice at Work and Breaking Gender Stereotypes.
We Show You How.

Do you want a seat at the C-suite table? Do you want a raise? Do you want to grow your business or climb the corporate ladder? Then you need to begin using your Leadership Voice. 

Humaira Ahmed, founder of Locelle, a matchmaking platform designed to connect and engage women in the workplace,  explains that using your leadership voice means putting aside fear of judgement of looking like a “nag” or “b_tch” in order to speak up and earn what you deserve. As a Pakistani born, woman of colour, Humaira has often experienced discrimination in the Canadian tech industry. But, this does not stop Humaira from using her leadership voice to share ideas, collaborate and examine dialogue. 

Attend Our Workshop on Breaking Gender Stereotypes Through Leadership Voice

Lead by Humaira’s example and join our special Mastermind Workshop devoted to breaking gender stereotypes through vocal leadership. We will be dissecting workplace culture where gender bias is apparent and go through common case scenarios that require assertiveness and negotiation skills. You will leave this workshop with tactics of what you can say and do to increase your confidence and navigation in gender bias situations.

This workshop is available during Vancouver Startup Week, and in partnership with Hervana, LocellemyCEO.caWomen in Tech World. This workshop will be facilitated by Humaira, as well as Betty Hasker and Glorie Averbach, founders of, and a combined 50 years of tech business ownership experience. 


Tickets for Breaking Steretypes: Women Who Lead are available online here.

Event takes place Thursday September 19, 10 AM – 11:30 AM, at Hervana Coworking Collective, 595 Howe St., Unit #506..

This is A Must-Attend Event if You:

  • Want to learn how to navigate stereotypes and channel your leadership voice
  • Want to build your own personal board of directors to accelerate your career or business
  • Love connecting with and supporting other women in business and tech

Currently only 25% of Vice Presidents and just 15% of CEOs are women in Canada. When moving from entry manager levels, women are 30% less likely to get promoted than men. When moving from director to vice-president levels, men advance three times more than women.

This workshop aims to build equality in leadership roles, and we begin by learning to become more vocal in the workplace through our leadership voices.

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