Uncertainty in Life

Following the news and talking to people around you,  you would be forgiven if you often have feelings of despair. The last few years have been tough for us collectively as a planet, with so many changes and moments of uncertainty. In the business world there are often talks of major layoffs, upcoming recessions, inflation, cost of living increases, and so on. Although these things are indeed happening,  it’s also important to maintain a positive mindset when pursuing your dreams, including your business dreams. Focusing on your vision at these times is a must.

Let’s face it, our world is unpredictable. We’ve had to adapt to so many things in the last several years. If anything, the last few years have shown us how resilient and creative we are as a people. 

How Focusing on Your Vision Helps in Times of Uncertainty

How can we stay motivated when we hear bad news all around us? How can we stay on the entrepreneur path we are on despite the signs around us that  things might get difficult? It’s certainly a challenge, but it can be done.  Staying motivated is crucial. Here are some ideas we have to stay on the course:

  • Speak to a business coach-  Business coaches have a plethora of experience and are likely to have experienced some setbacks in the past and have mined great lessons from them. Those lessons will undoubtedly help you on your path as well. Listen to someone who’s been there and has come out successful!
  • Remind yourself of your vision and how far you’ve come- Starting up a business isn’t easy, nor is it something that the average person takes lightly. One day you had a grain of an idea for a business and with a lot of thought, research and action, you created something you are hopefully proud of. 
  • Remind yourself of your past successes ( or ask a friend to do so)- It’s so easy to forget how far we’ve come sometimes! Making a gratitude list, or keeping a list of your accomplishments to look back on when you are feeling disheartened, is a good idea that is likely to cheer you up and remind you of your brilliance. Or call a friend who’s seen you grow and can do that for you!

Staying positive, or choosing positivity, doesn’t mean ignoring the world we live in. It’s about choosing what to focus on, and believing things will work out for the best. Focusing on your vision can assist you on this journey. 

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