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Let’s Make Sales A Time-Honored Profession!

February 13, 2023


Why is it that when you say “Sales” people get uncomfortable?


Why is it that when you say “Sales” people get uncomfortable? Why does that word automatically conjure up images of slick, unethical, pushy humans? It’s because we’ve all experienced at least one of those icky salespeople, and the image & the feelings have stuck with us like a bad smell.

These are the salespeople who care more about your money than they do about you. They’re not thinking long term, about relationships, or how you’re going to feel after you’ve made your purchase. They’re in it for the quick SALE.

Those people have given the sales profession a bad name, and like it or not, it’s up to us to change that impression!

I’ve been in sales pretty much my whole career. From starting as a commissioned salesperson in retail to currently owning and running our coaching business, sales is at the forefront of what I do. Why? Because if you would like people to invest in your idea and purchase your products and services, you need to create an environment in which your ideal customer sees what you’re offering as the solution they need, and decides to make a purchase.

That’s sales. You can call it business development, you can call it relationship building, you can call it whatever you want… it’s still sales. 

“Everybody lives by selling something”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

Being a good salesperson is a skill I’m proud to have developed, and I am happy to say that the people I have ‘sold to’ do not feel pushed, cajoled, lied to, trapped or other horrible things when dealing with me. They like dealing with me, refer me to their friends & colleagues, and come back to deal with me time and again. And yes, they know that I have sold them something. 🙂

Am I lucky, or talented? Yes, I am grateful to be both, but am also a highly skilled salesperson, and selling is a SKILL, not a talent. A skill you can learn.

I was fortunate to learn structured selling skills early in my career, and those skills have served me well over the years. From winning personal sales awards with multiple companies to training award-winning, record-breaking sales teams (also with multiple companies and in a multitude of markets); from being recruited by competitors to lead their sales teams to creating sales training programs for pretty much every company I’ve worked for, I have successfully applied these skills throughout my journey.

And so can you.

Let’s kick that nasty stereotype to the curb and do this sales thing right! Let us share with you the knowledge, process, skills and experience we have in sales. Let us help you to be the approachable, successful sales professional you were always meant to be!

We’re excited to have partnered with Laura Sukorokoff of C-Change Learning to present the Sales Hat Series – Wearing Your Sales Hat – a series of workshops designed to teach you the sales skills you need to sell yourself and your products in this next normal. In this workshop series we’ll share the best sales practices and methods that will help you achieve sales success in 2023 and beyond.