Pivoting Towards Entrepreneurship

“Whatever your pivot might be, the goal is the same: to reinvent the parts of your life that aren’t working, so that you can live a life that brings you fulfillment.”- Adam Markel,  Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing your Career and Life.

Recently I read “Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing your Career and Life” by Adam Markel. As the title suggests, there is an art and a science to reinventing your life. “Pivot” is a good book to read if you want to revitalize yourself, be it your career or your everyday life. It’s a serendipitous and encouraging read if you are contemplating pivoting into entrepreneurship yourself. 

One of the first things Markel discusses is the importance of changing your belief system. Changing your belief system and mindset will help you achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of:

“Every pivot begins with changing what you believe. No, you don’t have to take on a new faith or abandon an old one. But you do have to change the way you think.”

The book also discusses, among other things, what stops people from living their dreams and how they can use a pivoting plan to live exceptional lives. For many people, starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur might be how they perceive their exceptional life. This exceptional life may afford them with more freedom, financial stability, creativity, and meaning in life. 

During the pandemic there have been a lot of changes. More and more people are looking closely at their lives and are reassessing which path they want to take in life. Priorities have shifted. As we all know the pandemic itself represents a pivotal point where people see life either as pre-pandemic or during the pandemic. It has been a catalytic time when people decided to make a lot of changes in their lives, and to take bigger leaps of faith, particularly with work in what is now called The Great Resignation.

A pivot symbolizes change. Starting a new business is an example of a pivot, one that has the potential to be life-changing. myCEO has supported many through their pivots to entrepreneurship. Why not contact us to see how we can support you.