6 Steps to Break Bad Habits and Become Your Best Self

6 Steps to Break Bad Habits and Become Your Best Self

September 30, 2019

The expression ‘be yourself’ is a common adage and yet many times we question whether we really are good enough. Are we too big or too loud; are we strong enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough or talented enough. In a world that places too many expectations and assumptions on us, it can be a struggle to find happiness in just being you.  To truly feel comfortable in your own skin, we must peel back our layers and become aware of the triggers, the strengths, and the values that shape our core. Only then can you become a more strong, resilient and empowered version of yourself.

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken”
– Oscar Wilde

Be You, Bravely

Easier said than done, which is why we sought advice from three incredibly talented women who experienced personal struggle, discrimination and even abuse in their past lives but persevered into fearless, empowered, successful women because of it. They are:

  • Efe Fruci, a motivational speaker, Author and Founder of Fearless and Empowered, Efe’s book  Faith Over Fear, takes the reader on a journey towards greater fulfillment and enlightenment through personal exploration.
  • Nuria Sefchovich, company owner at 3e’s Consulting and advocate for gender equality and diversity in the workplace, Nuria leads communications programs and marketing strategies for major government, non-profit and private organizations.
  • Laura Sukorokoff, Founder and people maximizer at C-Change Learning and Development, Laura coaches entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to maximize their results. She is a highly regarded speaker and subject matter expert in the area of engagement and retention.

All three will gather together October 7 at Be You, Bravely to share their insights and tools towards living your life with greater purpose, motivation and intention. Until then, we received their advice on how to live your best life without fear and toxic behaviour and have shared them into 6 manageable steps.

1. First, Identify Your Triggers:

Efe Fruci, advises we identity our triggers to help eliminate falling back into old patterns or ways of doing things that keep you stuck in an unhealthy cycle. For instance, if you find you keep meeting the same type of people who take advantage of your friendship, then observe the type of behaviours from these people that make you attracted to them at the beginning. This will help heighten your awareness of these patterns earlier in the relationship and decrease your chances of getting hurt.

2. Understand WHY You Want Change:

Laura Sukorofoff adds that we have more probability to remove old patterns once we first understand why we want this change. “Ask: what’s in it for you? Is it worth going through the hassle of planning and adapting if there is no pay off? If the answer is yes, then commit and make a deal with yourself to see it through,” says Laura. Use the tools you have at your disposal and block off time in your calendar to focus on this important activity, encourage others to hold you accountable, and revisit the “why” frequently.

3.  Build Your Awareness and Acknowledgment Tactics

Nuria Sefchovich suggests playing “AA” (Awareness and Acknowledgement) to make distinctions between what works and what does not work for you. If you find yourself in a situation where you are slipping back into old habits or perceptions, then start saying out loud that you are aware of your situation and to acknowledge how it makes you feel. When you communicate to yourself what is happening then the habit becomes less powerful and you gain more control of the situation.

4.  Visualize Yourself Succeeding 

Efe advises that when you visualize yourself succeeding it will open yourself internally and externally to do and receive more. “By using positive affirmations, creating a vision board and, writing down your goals and hanging up an action plan to see every day, you are putting out into the world that you believe in your worth and value,” says Efe.

5.  Communicate Your Way to Success

In addition to visualization, Laura encourages us to communicate with others to develop quality and trust in your relationships. “Success in business—and in life–begins with success in interpersonal relationships, which, in turn, begins with communication. Communication is the root of trust, and to build quality relationships we must have regular and frequent conversation,” says Laura.

6.  Learn to Forgive and Move Forward

Lastly, Nuria reminds us to forgive ourselves if we ever veer off our path now and then. “Revisit why you wanted to make the changes in the first place, determine if you still feel the same way, and get back on track,” says Nuria. She suggests that if you need help getting things back in motion to call on a friend, a co-worker, an accountability partner, or a coach to get you focused and moving forward.

Be Authentically You at Be You, Bravely

These six steps are just some of the words of wisdom we received from Efe, Nuria and Laura. They will be sharing these tactics and more during an evening of sharing stories, questions and answers that will leave you motivated, inspired and empowered.

Glorie Averbach, our Co-Founder of both myCEO.ca and myBusinessSkills.com, will moderate the panel and draw on her experience as a career entrepreneur and her passion for supporting and promoting women into the conversation.

Not only that but attendees will also receive swag items from Lush, The Body Shop, David’s Tea, and giveaways from Shine the Light On of Be You, Bravely themed clothing. Plus, the first ten tickets sold will receive a free copy of Efe’s book Faith Over Fear.


Be You, Bravely is October 7, from 7 – 9 PM, at Hervana Coworking Collective, 595 Howe Street, suite 506. Buy your tickets here.