A good half of the art of living is resilience.

― Alain de Botton

As entrepreneurs working on our businesses, challenges will show up. At these times being resilient  is important. 

You’re probably already pretty resilient. You may be one of those who quit their job and started a new business during the pandemic. You may have had to deal with naysayers and well-meaning friends and acquaintances encouraging you to make sure you know what you’re doing before taking on this brand new endeavour. Your resilience took you past the first few hurdles but, as is life, there are bound to be more. And we want you to overcome those as well! 

As business coaches with decades of experience, we’ve had to build on our resilience to weather various storms, so we can offer some tips. Here are a few of the tips that have served us well:

POSITIVITY: Although it’s impossible to be positive all the time,  when we are able to be so often leads to us looking for solutions. It’s easier to focus on solutions when you are positive. Positive people look for ways to get over difficult circumstances.

ADAPTABILITY: It’s important in this day and age to be adaptable, especially considering how quickly the world is changing. New ideas come to the fore, new software, world events, financial events; it’s the way of the world these days. Adaptability comes easier to some than others, but it’s a muscle that can be worked out and it will become easier over time.

SELF-BELIEF:  This is a big one! You probably wouldn’t be where you are today without it. When you are resilient you have faith in your capabilities, you know things can get better. When things get a bit tough, we like to remind ourselves of our skills, capabilities, and the journey we have taken to get there. And you can do that too. Trust yourself to overcome the obstacles.

In summary, resilience is a must when we want to do well in our business and in life in general. Being resilient involves embodying certain traits, such as the ones highlighted above. Can you think of ways that you can build on your resilience?

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