Rest is Crucial

We are big proponents of rest at myCEO. Despite how busy we might be, we always take time off to rest during the summer.

We know that entrepreneurs often have a relentless work ethic and are so dedicated to their vision that they are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to work, even to the point of working overtime.Rest might be the last thing on their mind.  Nevertheless, as contradictory as it may sound, taking a much-needed break will actually make you more productive in the long run.

Why you Need Rest

Here are a few reasons why you need rest:

1- Refresh and recharge– We all need to refresh and recharge. Running on empty batteries is detrimental to your health! As small business owners we often work more than full time, so we owe it to our bodies, our minds, and our loved ones to take some time off.

2- Increasing creativity– Taking a break often means new routines, new environments, new people. The time you spend away from your desk dealing with business matters may help you think in new and wonderful ways. Your mind will be freed up to take in other areas of life, and think of the potential for your business. Imagine taking the time off to go for long walks in the forest, to go camping outside of cell phone signals, who knows what could result?

3- Leading by example– If you happen to have employees, this is a big one. Our employees do look to us to set examples. If they see us not taking time off, not taking our breaks, and working through the holidays, they might follow suit. By not taking time off to rest you might be setting a precedent to overwork, which might lead to burnout and employee turnover. Instead, take your breaks and time off so your employees feel better about taking theirs.

So set your “out of office” messages and enjoy the summer so you can continue to be a productive, happy entrepreneur! Have a read of our post on the importance of rest at the end of the year. 

For more motivation on why rest is good for you, check out this PsychCentral article.