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Are you a Woman in Tech? Join our Mastermind Group!

June 3, 2019

Like a close group of confidantes or friends – or your own board of directors – Women in Tech Mastermind group helps you see opportunities and pathways you wouldn’t see or find for yourself.

it is projected that women are set to lead Industry 4.0 because of our natural skills in technology and engagement. We see an exciting future ahead of us, and we recognize women need the resources and support necessary to be successful in these leadership roles.

That’s why has teamed up with Women in Tech World to create the Women in Tech Mastermind Series. We want to build an environment for women to collaborate and learn from with their peers. A safe space to talk about wins, fears and challenges among women in the tech sector, regardless of position or title.

In the spring we began our vision with two digital cohorts! Learn how we are driving them towards future success in this blog. And if YOU are interested in becoming part of this group, then register by June 12 for our summer cohort series!

How Our Mastermind Program Works

n April, we began our first Mastermind series with two spring cohorts. Designed as a six-month program, the meetings occur once a month and are presented via Zoom conference.

The agenda for the mastermind groups is created by the participants. Each meeting focuses on one of the following:

  • An agreed upon business topic, challenge or scenario where we bring in an SME (subject matter expert) to go through an issue or idea and then work on together;
  • An agreed upon business topic, challenge or scenario that we tackle ourselves within the group;
  • A round table discussion based on an idea, potential initiative or real-life circumstance presented to the group by one of its members.

In the case of the roundtable, the group will work to problem solve collaboratively with the member by asking a round of qualifying questions to find out more details and gain a better understanding of the exploration. This will be followed by an “in my experience” statement or comment from each member to help guide and support your next steps.

What We Discuss In Our Mastermind

Topics that we’ve been tackling so far include dealing with Imposter Syndrome and learning how to get out of your own way. Other topics that have been suggested by the participants include:


  • Knowing Your Worth
  • The Key Roles of Mentorship and Sponsorship – How to Maximize Both
  • Navigating a Non-Linear Career Path
  • Finding Your Voice – Strategies for Feeling Heard
  • Learning to Be Seen – How to Be Recognized as a Leader at Work
  • Creating an Effective Support System
  • Designing Your Life – How to Find Work/Life Balance
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Growth
  • Team Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Accelerated Customer Acquisition
  • Technology Innovations

Our Key To Success

The beauty of the Mastermind commitment is that the participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. The participants act simultaneously as catalysts for growth, sounding boards and supportive colleagues.

The key to the success of the group is based on the collaboration of energy, commitment and personal experience that each participant brings to the table. The participants show up prepared to learn from each other and to share stories and knowledge!

What Our Members Are Saying

“Asking yourself, ‘What advice would I give to someone else in this situation?’ is often the best way to figure out what to do.” – Current Cohort Member

“When we’re recommending something to another person, we don’t think about our current state, and we don’t think about our current emotions. We actually think a bit more distantly from the decision and often make the better decision because of that.”  – Current Cohort Member

“More than a few times, I’ve given someone else a piece of advice only to realize that the exact same piece of advice applied to me, but I was blind to it. I’ve learned as much or more when someone else is the focus of the mastermind than when I am.” – Current Cohort Member

Does this sound right for you? Then accelerate your career and your life. Register by June 12 for our summer Mastermind group series! Learn more.