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myCEO’s team has spent decades heading up businesses and non-profits, and our expertise can be yours. Partner with us to build the strategies, systems, and culture your business needs—and make breakthroughs a habit. vancouver Business coach

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Business coach offers business coaching in vancouver and on vancouver island

Vancouver Business coach

Meet the myCEO Business Coaching Team

We’ve started, ran and sold businesses – we’ve been in your shoes

Glorie Averbach

Strategy, Leadership, and Sales

Glorie Averbach -Business coach -  myCEO business coach serving vancouver and vancouver island

Glorie knows growth strategy like no other. She’s the Director of Programming at Women in Tech World, the founder of venture philanthropy Impact Arts Cooperative, and a growth advisor to startups including Sacred Foods and From:Us. Before that, she led 3 residential automation companies to successful exits, including AV Creations in 2005 and La Scala Integrated Media in 2013. 

She’s an expert strategist, facilitator, coach and mentor—and passionate about helping underdogs thrive. Right now, Glorie supports emerging entrepreneurs through WeBC, Futurpreneur Canada, Rise, and the Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL).

Betty Hasker

Operations, Marketing, and Growth

Betty Hasker - business coach serving Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Betty is a master of operations and business development. She spearheaded revenue growth at Halfmoon Yoga Products Ltd. as VP of Sales and Marketing, and scaled grocery delivery startup as Director of Operations. Before that, she led Joel Berman Glass Studios for 11 years—as both Vice President of Sales and Director of Development.

Her business expertise is only matched by her technical prowess and passion for social equity. Right now, Betty supports new entrepreneurs through online learning platform and the Women in Tech Mastermind Series. (Naturally, she co-founded them both.)

Work with a business coach and get the wins that matter to you!


Restore your time

Create growth plans that pay off

We’ll define growth and revenue goals tailored to your business, and develop a strategic path to reaching them.

Make operations silky smooth

We’ll streamline your operations so you can spend more time working ON your business than IN your business.

Turn your team into sales experts

We’ll help you identify and target your dream clients—then increase your close rates with custom sales and service training.

Create partnerships that last


We’ll help you create a partnership strategy, reach out to potential partners, and kickstart mergers and acquisitions.

Working with a business coach can help you balance leadership and real life


We’ll build space into your schedule so you’ve got time to recharge and feel like an actual person. (It’s important!)

Results like these will transform your business:

working with a business coach can help define your businessbusiness coaching in vancouver also available on vancouver island

Scaling up a design firm, scaling back the stress

Our client runs a web design firm with 5-8 contractors. We helped them forecast their cash flow, create processes to manage contractors hassle-free, and send out proposals within 72 hours of discovery meetings. 

Now, they’re charging higher rates, closing more deals, and leading a bigger design team. Year-over-year sales increased by 20%, and our client was still able to take a WHOLE month off. 

Vacays are an important KPI, too.

myceo - a business coach for growth in vancouver

Developing a consultancy’s growth plan and performance culture

Our client leads a consulting firm with 12 full-time employees. We helped them plan strategic goals around revenue and team culture, launch a recurring revenue model for all customers, and define their acquisition strategy.

The payoff? It was beyond tasty. They beat their revenue targets two quarters running, met every performance culture KPI, and hired two new consultants to keep up with demand. Now, they’re even gearing up to acquire a competitor.  

 That’s what healthy growth looks like.          


working with a business coach helps company streamline operations and increase customer service

Waste-free operations for a waste disposal company

Our client leads a multi-centre waste disposal company with 150+ employees. We helped define their strategic planning process and sharpen their public messaging. We also led day-long workshops on customer service and sales for all their teams.  

The standardization resulted in better operations within and between centers, plus less friction. With operations under control, we helped our client launch new outreach programs and run an advocacy campaign that shaped provincial policy. 

Their Google Star rating even increased by a whole star. People love being mean online, so that’s a BIG win.

Vancouver Business Coach

Let your Vancouver business coach help bring your business vision to life 

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