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Double your impact without doubling your work

myCEO offers business coaching with a focus on implementing systems, strategies and action steps that will help you grow your business. business coaches Glorie Averbach and Betty Hasker seated at a desk

As a small to medium sized business owner — non-profits, we’re looking at you, too — you’ve learned to adapt and adjust how you operate your business.

From your work environment — hello, kids at home and Zoom calls in the closet — to a disrupted supply chain and everything in between, your work life has flipped upside down.

The fact that you’re still in business despite all the rapid changes over the last couple of years, says a lot.

You’ve made a lot of adjustments and your resilience is apparent.

While many businesses were forced to close, you had the foresight and flexibility to redefine the status quo.

And, although you’ve done what you need to transition your business to the “new world,” you still feel a little lost when it comes to putting thought into action and executing on your top priorities.

If your foundation feels a little shaky from all the changes, and you know you need help to narrow your focus, get back on solid ground and find that same freedom and success you had pre-pandemic, you’re in the right place.

Unlock the power of a strategic partner

glorie averbach, betty hasker myceo business coaches seated in a garden

Hi, we’re Glorie and Betty of myCEO…

Collectively, we have more than 50 years of experience building and running businesses… and even more if you count the years we’ve spent coaching business owners.

That’s right. We’re business coaches with real world, hands-on entrepreneurial experience in both the for profit and non-profit worlds.

While we absolutely believe in and support personal growth, that’s not our focus. We’re all about strategy! We work with you to develop strategic plans and solutions for your business.

As your business coaches, we can help you:

Develop and implement strategies that help you respect your time

Prioritize what’s important to ensure you stay focused

Understand the basics of digital marketing and digital strategy

Develop a sales process that works

Identify gaps in your business that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be

Implement measurables so you can see results


…and a whole lot more.

As business coaches we don't offer a cookie cutter approach to your business

What we don’t offer is a cookie cutter approach to your business.

We know you have specific goals and needs. And that’s why we work with you to explore new ideas, inspire creative thinking and build a plan that aligns with the goals and aspirations you envision for you and your business.

Our business coaching packages are not designed to add to your existing workload. They are flexible and supportive — we work with you to help you reach your goals.

And the best part? We’re committed to humanizing business and believe it should be fun!

If you’re ready to:

Restore your time

Restore your time

(No more weekends and late nights)

Gain clarity and focus

(Shiny object syndrome?)

Increase your bottom line

(Cash flow is a real thing)

Gain the best accountability partners to help you achieve this.

(That’s us!)

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