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Networking Opportunities to Help Grow Your Business Game

August 18, 2021

There are Many Exciting Options to Network with Fellow Entrepreneurs this Fall. We Show You What, When and How. 

With Vancouver Startup Week just around the corner, myCEO.ca wants to kindle your fire before VSW sets it aflame, by chatting about ‘Networking Opportunities to Help Grow Your Business Game ’!

For those of you who don’t know; Vancouver Startup Week (VSW) is a week-long networking opportunity for Vancouver Startups that builds moments and fosters connections among entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and friends with the Greater Vancouver startup community.

myCEO.ca is excited to join VSW with our intro to mastermind groups, Breaking Stereotypes: Women Who Lead while also informing you (below) on other networking opportunities to consider this fall!

Mini Mastermind Groups – a Great Intro to Networking

With Women’s Equality Day having just passed on August 26th; we paused to take stock of our past successes, current endeavours and future pursuits – reminding ourselves as to what it will take to continue the momentum for female leaders.

Although we live in a liberating time as women; we also recognize the need for ongoing support and resources to help women launch, leverage and lean into their positions of power.

Networking opportunities provide an environment for such support, and our intro to mastermind groups, along with Vancouver Startup Week, offers various workshops geared towards women in tech.

Sound of interest to you? Find tickets HERE!

Networking Connections are Important – Don’t Miss Out

Vancouver Startup Week connects entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders and friends alike – all working towards a common goal to build opportunities around your business identity.

VSW is run by a team of passionate, dedicated volunteers, each of who come from the startup ecosystem in Vancouver and beyond.

Looking to volunteer? Check out their Instagram page @ www.instagram.com/vanstartupweek/

Other Networking Opportunities to Consider this Fall

We, along with Women in Tech World, are launching a Fall Cohort Mastermind networking opportunity. This Mastermind Group will offer: “a supportive environment to share your ideas, a way to connect to your peers, and an opportunity to learn and grow in the tech field. Built exclusively for women in the tech sector, women can get the resources they need to achieve their goals.”

This networking opportunity will give powerful women (and we are ALL powerful women!) the platform to learn from their peers in a safe space and maximize their business goals this fall.

Networking Within a Safe Environment Matters

Learning is an exercise in changing the self, and change can be a difficult thing. Which is why networking within a safe environment matters; lessening certain stigmas or the anxiety sometimes involved in change.

Our Mastermind Program offers a safe place to discuss topics such as:

· Knowing Your Worth

· The Key Roles of Mentorship and Sponsorship – How to Maximize Both

· Navigating a Non-Linear Career Path

· Finding Your Voice – Strategies for Feeling Heard

· Learning to Be Seen – How to Be Recognized as a Leader at Work

· Creating an Effective Support System

· Designing Your Life – How to Find Work/Life Balance

· Leadership

· Strategic Growth

· Team Communications

· Presentation Skills

· Accelerated Customer Acquisition

· Technology Innovations


Ready to grow your business game in a safe space? Register HERE

| “Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise, so I changed myself”.  – Rumi

Networking Helps “Preparedness and Circumstance Meet”

There is a saying that – “destiny is when preparedness and circumstance meet”. Or – as Abigail Adams puts it: “learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence”.

As entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of preparedness to pursue our dreams, and allowing others to speak into our lives about their own experiences can better prepare us. After all, circumstances are bound to always change, and we must be willing to change with them.


Networking Will Help You…

·      Collectively tackle challenges

·     Create and implement goals

·     Brainstorm ideas

·     Provide support with total honesty, respect and compassion

·     Offer growth opportunities

·     Supply a collaborative sounding board

Networking Raises Collaborative Energy

Sporting events are a great example of collaborative energy, enhancing our personal experience of a game. Whether it’s the game of life, or our business game, collaborating with others can help enhance our energy.

Our Mastermind Groups are based on collaboration of energy, commitment and the personal experiences that each participant brings to the table. We share stories and knowledge, and co-conspiring for collective growth.

Networking is a Great Way to Maintain Flexibility

Being stubborn about your goals is actually a necessity in accomplishing them; but being flexible about your methods will better ensure your success. Which is where networking can be a useful environment to maintain that flexibility, ensuring you are adapting as needed to maximize your results.


If you are ready to maximize your results and grow your business, September is the perfect month to start, and myCEO.ca is here to help!

Registration is now open for both Vancouver Startup Week, as well as our Fall Cohort Mastermind Group, and myCEO.ca is thrilled to be a part of these exciting endeavours! We look forward to walking alongside you in your entrepreneurial journey, facilitating your business growth and supporting your personal power.