As a small business owner you created a business from scratch. During that process you learned a lot, dealing with internal and external stakeholders, among other things. Being a small business owner means you have to make many decisions, including getting the tools your team requires to conduct their duties effectively, as well as creating a tangible business strategy. Implementation is the key to success in any business, particularly as a smaller business owner. So what does that all lead to?

Acknowledging yourself as a leader isn’t always an easy thing to do. Very often, many of us have an image of what a leader looks like, and we may not see ourselves fitting that image. There are several definitions of leaders out there, and we especially like the one Jo Miller uses. In her book “Woman of Influence”, Miller looks at leadership in the following way:

“To lead means to engage, inspire, influence, and motivate others to collaborate with you to make something great happen.”

Before you can engage, inspire, and influence, as a leader,  you must take a deep look into yourself to figure out what you as a business owner bring to the table, and how these traits can help build your business. You might want to do the following:

  • Take stock of your values and your skillset
  • Lead from your unique strengths, especially those that come naturally to you
  • Reflect on your past career-wise, and think about what worked well

Lead from where you are! You followed your purpose, now here you are: the owner of a business you want to be successful and profitable. Now it’s time to grow your leadership ability.

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