In last month’s blog we discussed the importance of leading from where you are. We previously discussed the fact that anyone can be a leader and that to be a good and authentic leader it is important to look at such things as your personal traits, values, skill sets, and past work experience in order to determine how you can best lead. Being aware of the different styles of leadership, and determining which style seems to resonate with you, means you will bring the most benefit to your small business as well as to the people you are leading.

Determining Your Leadership Style

Depending on which resource you use, you will come across several definitions of different types of leaders. Reading such lists and definitions can help you determine which leadership style seems to ring true with you, and which type you might be. Here is a short list of leadership styles we came across on Jo Miller’s website

  • Change leaders- those who improve the organization
  • People leaders- those who develop teams
  • Results leaders- focus on goals and high performance
  • Service leaders- work on supporting others
  • Thought leaders- involved in innovation and the sharing of knowledge

All leadership styles are beneficial, in fact having different types of leadership styles at your organization can be a great benefit. What this means is the importance of determining your leadership style, and then establishing how to effectively use your skills to lead and further your small business.

Leadership is always a learning process, especially in a world where changes are perpetual and prevalent, but it can be a fun and fulfilling one too.  As we continue to learn about our values and personal characteristics, this will all lead to positive change within our businesses and communities. 

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